* the band *
The band...well, what can you say....a unique combination of
influences that all come together to form Ripper and the Bitter Pills.
Check it out!
Ripper  and the Bitter Pills
Adrian Arnold::Founder of Ripper and the Bitter Pills in the early '90s,
Adrian has spent time in Hollywood and worked in Television Sports
Broadcasting. With family roots that go back to legends Bob Wills and the
Texas Playboys, Elvis Presley, and Eddie Arnold, his heart has always been in
music. Adrian wrote and had his first song recorded at  the age of 12 and has
over 100 songs to his credit. With one foot firmly grounded in Classic Texas
Country Music and the other in Southern Rockabilly, Adrian and the band
create The Pills unique Texas Roadhouse sound. One fan said, “His songs are
like Texas: rough, rowdy, irreverent, and fun.”
Mike Cotten:: Texas born and bred, Mike found drumming to be a natural
ability from an early age. Starting with a garage band in Jacksboro Texas his
passion for music has provided the drive and back-beat for great players from
Fort Worth to the Great Northwest. He has enjoyed playing multiple genres
including Rock, Jazz, Blues and Gospel. But, with those Texas roots, it's always
Western Swing and Country music that bring on a smile. Mike's back in Texas
and hooked up with "The Pills", so grab your hat and get ready to party!
Jim Hatcher:: Jim Started playing music at a young age and gained a music
scholarship to SMU. Besides moonlighting with The Pills, Jim also plays
classical viola with the local community symphony orchestra.Style influences
you will hear include Bluegrass , Cajun, blues, jazz, and even rock (apologies to
Papa John Creech).  Now he plays electric 5-string fiddle, as well as backup
vocals, harmonica, and ‘the fish’ for the Pills.  Come take a listen!
Mark Aldridge:: Starting out with piano lessons at a young age, Mark then
moved on to trumpet through college, and eventually found a home in the
rhythm section playing bass for the local cover band Outta Nowhere. Now as a
seasoned Pill, Mark loves to bring some thump to the bassline.